Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Having an opinion is, I would say, a fundamental human right. Notice that I did not say a 'God given right', although I personally believe that it does qualify in that category as well. In everyday life what we see and hear can affect our thinking in a very  profound way. In America, political and religious differences can be very pronounced. Differences based on rights of individuals are challenged everyday, and although violence can be a product of theses differences, they usually, or at least, vary rarely end with a large mob of individuals in search of a perceived injustice. The last of this type of citizen justice posse were nothing more than racial lynch mobs. Hiding behind lies that targeted minorities out of convenience. Thankfully we have moved forward from those dark times, but as the news of police and citizen killings suggest; we still have a long way to go.

In other countries, this type of mob violence is often met by authorities as something that they are powerless to stop. Usually the feeling one gets is of the unspoken opinion that states; it is better to keep your opinion to yourself. In Bangladesh, near the northern Bay of Bengal, those engaged in Blogging, such as the one you are reading now, have come under attack. Blogging about any subject can and maybe should be thought provoking, (if my blog is not I humbly apologize.) But if what you blog about is controversial, should you expect that your opinion will get you mobbed and hacked to death by machete? If that question has never occurred to you then maybe you should read the following:http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/third-bangladesh-blogger-murdered/ar-BBjEpyr

Several bloggers have been murdered in just the way I have described. Why? because they blogged about subjects that are very controversial to many, such as religious, intolerance and belief. Their opinion, fact or not, has cost them their lives. What should you get from this? What is my point?
Simply this; your voice has power, what we do here, matters, and that we may, like others, become subject to the same kind of attack because we choose to openly discuss our differences. These murdered individuals could well be see as martyrs of change, or as threats to basic religious values held by one religion or another. That is for you to decide. Please remember, that as humans with moral or ethical beliefs that we see as 'right', we still must at least be aware that our views maybe violently rejected as 'wrong', please tread accordingly, to the degree of change you are willing to risk.


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