Thursday, May 7, 2015

Whose fault is it when we drink too much?

Every once in a while you come across a story that makes you shake your head. Today is no exception. Recently in central France at a bar called 'La Starter' a man decided that he would take up the challenge of beating the record set the previous evening of 55 shots. This of course conjures up the movie Raiders of the lost Ark where the bar owner is having a shot drinking competition with a customer. The customer who looks fine as he smiles and lifts the shot to his mouth then calmly with smile frozen on his face, falls of his stool.

For those who are not fans of hard liquor or measuring cups, I will put this in perspective for you.
A "shot" is generally one ounce of liquor(most bars, although 1.5 ounces is considered a shot at some establishments that are more liberal) Now the average bottle of liquor is 750 ml., which in bar terms contains about 23 oz. or 23 shots. How is your mental picture coming along? When you read the story, you will find that this warrior of whiskey finished his first 30 shots in just 1 minute, the total being 57 shots! So our hero beats the record...hooray for our side! His daughter helped carry him home. A short story made shorter has this man being carried home by friends and family and the next day, he dies of cardiac arrest. Well, his name will live on the black board behind the bar, but for how long is anyone's guess. Fame can be so fleeting. No word on the guy/gal who did 55 shots the night before.

The law suit will probably get pretty crazy by the time its been hashed out in court and we discover just who is at fault.

The question will revolve around the ethics of allowing someone to sell and allow to be consumed what amounts to 2 1/2 bottles of booze in your business establishment. Most scientists would probably point out the concept of 'Natural Selection' being involved here. That this person lived long enough to have off-spring is definitely surprising. The bar-owner is also possibly, by now, re-thinking this over-the-top competition. I'm sure if you were to check, this competition has been going on for quite sometime, but it appears that the limit has been reached. You might be thinking after what has happened, nobody would be foolish enough to try and beat this new record, right? Uh-huh...sure.

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